Earrings and the NFL


Hello Loves!! WOW!!! It’s been a while. I’ve been so busy with other things that I haven’t been up on my earring making or anything. I’m so glad to be back on the “making” side of things after that looooong … Continue reading

New things are happening!!

Hello Loves!!

It’s been a minute but I’m here anyway to update you on what’s happening. I’ve been working on a few things behind the scenes….still not ready to reveal all yet but some things I’ll share. First! I’ve started to work on a new line of mirrored and acrylic jewelry. Earrings and necklaces. These are oversized statement pieces that will get attention. To order, just visit my website, http://earringsbyrashanta.webstoreplace.com/ or email me at reree79@yahoo.com. I’ve added pics below of what I’m currently working on and have available. Spread the word and make it known that Earrings by Rashanta is ready to dazzle your ears, necks and wrists. TeeHee!!! Enjoy!

photo 1 (9) photo 2 (9)

Crystal Crushing!!!

Hi Loves!!

It’s Saturday, I’m home, so I’m posting. Let’s get to it.

I love earrings more than any other piece of jewelry. That’s a known fact. I don’t leave home without a pair on (unless I’m going to the gym, even then, I take a pair in my purse for afterward). I’m completely taken with earrings. If I don’t like a pair or if I get tired of a pair, I’ll rework and remix them into something spectacular. Anyway….lately I’ve been into everything sparkling! Crystals to be specific. Anything encrusted in crystal right now is a yes in my earring book. I love it! I’ve been perusing the “interwebs” and found a few things in this little online boutique that I frequent (to browse, not to shop…it’s a little pricey for me on some things). I’ve posted a couple of pieces that I’m particularly smitten with and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Ciao! Enjoy.

clearstones crystaldrop crystalswirl purplestone rhinestones seeme<–Melody Ehsani

Good girls in bad jewelry

Hey Loves!

I’m here…blogging. This one will be very short. This time about bad jewelry fashion. Yep…it happens, even to the best of us. As a designer, I too am guilty making bad prototypes but trust me…those have never seen the light of day. Most of the time, when we make misteps in fashion, it’s because of current trends. We go along with the trend and sometimes without considering the actual trend and what it looks like, we often just go with the flow and when we look back….we see our “what was out thinking” moment. Remember, hindsight is 20/20. Anyway…let’s start with a few examples of bad jewelry fashion.

Not only is this^^^necklace ugly…it looks awfully itchy. Balls and clump of felt tied and twisted around your neck….all in the name of bad fashion? Hmmmm…I don’t think so. Looks a little like colored fur balls from “Fluffy”.

 <–OK…yes they’re seashell and that’s ok for the beach…I mean them being in the sand on the beach where they belong…NOT dangling from anyone’s earlobes. Yes, someone may glue googly eyes to them and make cooky beach souvenirs but this is NOT for earrings. They are in poor taste, bad fashion and just plain ugly. They aren’t even painted. I don’t really care much for nautical themed jewelry as it relates to seashells anyway but this is where I draw the line.

Creatively Funked and how to get out of it

Image<—Me…Creatively Funked…LOL

Hi Lovelies!

Normally I’m a brimming with creativity but today…and just for a few hours, I’ve been in a creative funk. Bows, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, barrette holders, I could get nothing started and completed. Inspiration was out of here. Now it’s raining…I think it’s back. I ran out to the craft supply store to get what I thought I needed to make some new oversized stud earrings, got there and pfsssh!! Nothing! I forgot what I went there to get, nothing caught my attention and I left…mad at empty handed. SO! I had lunch with my best friend, had good conversation, a few laughs and it came back to me. Sometimes all you need is a quick reboot. Leave the place that has your creativity cramped, get out and get some fresh air and talk to somebody, anybody…even if it’s yourself, after all, who better to talk to and get answers from than an expert at what you do? I think that funk is over, at least for now, and I’m able to jump back over to my work station (dining room table) and hammer out some new earrings and bows just for you.

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Get to Know Me.

It's Me!

It’s Me!

Hi Loves! It’s me. How have you been. Today, or tonight rather, I’ve decided to do something a little different. I’m going to tell you a little bit about me via the alphabet. It’s fun. You can reblog this and put your information in if you want. It’s a lot of fun. Let’s go!

A. Age: 34

B. Bed size: King

C. Chore that you hate: Dishes!

D. Dogs: I have one dog. Roscoe. 

E. Essential start to your day: I always pray first thing in the morning.

F. Favorite color: Purple, teal/turquoise and pink.

G. Gold or Silver: Silver

H. Height: 5’5″

I. Instruments you play: Flute/Piccolo (In high school band) and I sing

J. Job title: Entrepreneur

K. Kids: I have 2 kids

L. Live: South Carolina

M. Mother’s name: Gloria

N. Nicknames: Ree, RiRi, Shay, Lula Ann (my mom calls me this), Madame (my dad calls me this)

O. Overnight hospital stays: Three times, Once as a kid and then when I had my kids. 

P. Pet peeves: People that drag their feet on the floor.

Q. Quote from a movie: Anything from “Coming to America”

R. Right or left handed: Right

S. Siblings: 3 brothers

T. Time you wake up: 6am (weekdays) Whenever (weekends)

U. Underwear: Yes.

V. Vegetable you hate: All of them but I especially sweet peas.

W. What makes you run late:  The snooze button.

X. X-Rays you’ve had: Knee, chest and dental x-rays of course.

Y. Yummy food that you make: I love to bake and I’m good at it. I make a mean pot of spaghetti

Z. Zoo animal: Flamingo


Designer Obsession….for the moment.

Tae's Crescent Earrings

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Hi Loves! So…as you all well know, I am a sucker for jewelry and accessories. Especially earrings. LOOOOOOVE THEM!!! I posted about this designer a while back and how I was obsessing over her newest designs at the time but … Continue reading

Bows and hair accessories!!












So….as an entrepreneur and mom…the hustle never stops. My mind is always thinking up the next big thing. The wheels are always in motion. I don’t have any girls but it seems that all my friends do and someone asked me to make them a bowtie not too long ago. I made it, it came out pretty cute. Fast forward a few weeks, a friend of mine asked if I made bows for little girls. I wasn’t “actively making” them but I said, sure, I can. So I put a few together and voila! They came out great. Then the lightbulb came on….start making custom hair bows for little girls in dance, cheerleaders and just girls that love bows in general. So here we are today…making bows, bow ties and everything else in between. I’m putting some pictures in this post of some of the custom orders that I’ve recently competed. Enjoy…there is a lot more to come. I’ll be making Earring & Bow sets in the next week or so, so check back often as this blog will now be updated at least 3 times a week. I can be contacted via email at reree79@yahoo.com to place orders or request custom orders.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Fashion – The Ladies

SO…Tonight is part one of the L&HHA  reunion show and of course, behind the drama, next up for discussion is the fashion and accessories. Let’s go down the line.

Mimi Faust – Makeup was gorgeous and her dress was on point as well. Her hair was OK..not my favorite Mimi hair look but it’s ok. The dress has a built in necklace…nothing else needed.

Arian Davis -That makeup is HORRIBLE? Gothic purple lipstick dark eye shadow is NOT the business with the black dress, which is ok…nothing to “ooh and aah” about. The hair is less than fabulous because I know it can be better…I’ve seen it look better. Regarding the accessories….whatever. The overall look for me was blah.

Joseline Hernandez- Makeup looked Ahhh-Mazing! Her hair is gorgeous and the girls are up. She has on a beautiful dress. Her stylist really did a good job. Excellent choice for jewelry. Not too much, not to boring. Sometimes you forget how young and naïve she is and how old and manipulative Stevie J is. SMH.

Tracy Steele – Her hair is cute, the dress is cute and her makeup is beautiful. Good job. Minimal accessories because her dress is embellished enough.

Kimberly Michelle Pate (K.Michelle) – Her hair is amazing as usual. Face is beat to the GODS! Her outfit is super cute and it’s typical K. What else can I say. Her stylist did it for real.

Rasheeda Buckner-Frost – She did as much as she could as a pregnant woman. That lipstick (I’m sure it’s from her new line) is not cute. Her jewelry is fitting for what she wore.

Karlie Redd – She did alright. Her hair was ok…makeup was nicely done…she had on a pretty dress. No neck jewelry was needed because of the embellished neckline.

Erica Dixon – Her makeup was gorgeous…but a little heavy. The dress….ummmm..not my favorite. Too much top, middle and inside-side boob. All those cuts and slits on the chest just looks like attention was being sought after. Oh well.

That’s it for part one. Part two will be up next Monday once it airs.