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Buying Black

Hello!!! Today, we talk about buying black. What do we mean by this? Well obviously we mean, support black owned businesses right? Yes and no. It means that we support black business by not only buying from them on a designated day, weekend, or black history month but we continuously support and patronize their businesses… Continue reading Buying Black

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My thoughts on….Designer Inspirations

Lovelies!! Let me start quickly. Designer inspirations are all over. It's trendy to get the look without paying the price and we all want "the look", whatever it may be. A bag, a pair of shoes, name it, it's probably been "inspired" by something designer. The question is, how far is too far when… Continue reading My thoughts on….Designer Inspirations

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Red Carpet 2017 (So Far)

OK...Awards Season has kicked off in full gear and I'm back looking at the jewelry only. Let's take a quick look at some of the best jewelry the Red Carpet had to offer. Viola Davis...yes ma'am! No neck jewelry was needed due to the neckline of this gorgeous dress. Small studded earrings worked with her… Continue reading Red Carpet 2017 (So Far)

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Hello!! Again.

Hi Lovelies, What's really been happening? It's gotten cooler...well, actually colder, basketball season for my oldest son is in full swing and I'm happily busy with new earrings and the such. Yes indeed!!! New earrings have emerged from the ashes that were me for a while. I've had a few creative funks, some road blocks,… Continue reading Hello!! Again.

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Earrings and the NFL

Hello Loves!! WOW!!! It's been a while. I've been so busy with other things that I haven't been up on my earring making or anything. I'm so glad to be back on the "making" side of things after that looooong break. I feel refreshed, energized and inspired to make earrings like never before. So, after… Continue reading Earrings and the NFL

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Crystal Crushing!!!

Hi Loves!! It's Saturday, I'm home, so I'm posting. Let's get to it. I love earrings more than any other piece of jewelry. That's a known fact. I don't leave home without a pair on (unless I'm going to the gym, even then, I take a pair in my purse for afterward). I'm completely taken… Continue reading Crystal Crushing!!!

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Good girls in bad jewelry

Hey Loves! I'm here...blogging. This one will be very short. This time about bad jewelry fashion. happens, even to the best of us. As a designer, I too am guilty making bad prototypes but trust me...those have never seen the light of day. Most of the time, when we make misteps in fashion, it's… Continue reading Good girls in bad jewelry


Creatively Funked and how to get out of it

<---Me...Creatively Funked...LOLHi Lovelies!Normally I'm a brimming with creativity but today...and just for a few hours, I've been in a creative funk. Bows, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, barrette holders, I could get nothing started and completed. Inspiration was out of here. Now it's raining...I think it's back. I ran out to the craft supply store to get… Continue reading Creatively Funked and how to get out of it


Get to Know Me.

Hi Loves! It's me. How have you been. Today, or tonight rather, I've decided to do something a little different. I'm going to tell you a little bit about me via the alphabet. It's fun. You can reblog this and put your information in if you want. It's a lot of fun. Let's go! A.… Continue reading Get to Know Me.

Earring Crush

Designer Obsession….for the moment.

Hi Loves! you all well know, I am a sucker for jewelry and accessories. Especially earrings. LOOOOOOVE THEM!!! I posted about this designer a while back and how I was obsessing over her newest designs at the time but guess what? She's done it again with a few new pieces and she's even branched… Continue reading Designer Obsession….for the moment.