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Earrings…are there some that we can call ugly?

Hi Lovelies,

I have a question. As a lover of earrings and fashion accessories as a whole, can we really say that there are UGLY earrings? OR do we just chalk it up to being, “Not your cup of tea” or just not your style?  Well, as a designer and creator of things….I TRY NOT to call things ugly if I can help it….but seriously, there is such a thing as an ugly earring. In some cases, they can be down right disgusting. People…designers, please! We realize that you are solidifying your “individuality” and expressing yourself through your creations but shouldn’t your creations be an extension of yourself and an interpretation of what your customer/client has requested of you? I’m just asking and saying. I mean, if the customer requests cigarette butts as an earring, when does it click to you that, “Hey, I’m a designer and I have a reputation built on what I create.” Or maybe some don’t. Well, I do. When a customer approaches me to request custom pieces, I always ask them specific questions to find out if their vision lines up with what I have in mind for them. The instant they contact me, the wheels are turning to visualize what will become their next pair of earrings or next custom piece of jewelry. Anyway, I say that to show you this. I’ve perused the internet to find what I call UGLY earrings…more so disgusting earrings. The materials that you use also play a major part in your business, reputation or brand. I’m just saying. Let’s be mindful as designers that whatever leaves your mind in the form of jewelry with a customer or client, it is your “walking billboard”. Silent advertising that speaks for itself. People may ask about it but they won’t want one for themselves (unless they’re a little morbid or twisted). Just my thoughts guys. Enjoy (or not) the pictures below. Ciao!

 Chicken Foot Earrings…really?

 Squirrel Paw Earrings…again I say, REALLY?

 Crumpled Cigarette Butts…with heart accents. A bit of an Oxy Moron don’t you think? Total contradiction.

And last and most disgusting…..

 The EAR earring! No words for this. OK…I’m done for today. Later!


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  1. ewwwwww… That last one is so fugly! Designers do all sorts of things in the name of fashion!

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